This year’s colourful CIFF theme has been created by a pair of incredibly creative artists Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam.

Learn about them and their work !

LISA MAM Cambodia’s first Khmer female Urban Street Artist having had show’s both in Cambodia and abroad

Lisa is a pioneer of Cambodian Urban art & a rising star on the scene.

She is the future of Cambodian Urban art and a true trailblazer also having recently worked with her partner Peap Tarr painting a large mural for the flagship Starbucks store in Phnom Penh also recently collaborating with fashion label Charles & Keith and internationally part of the Stella Artois and Water.org campaign “Buy a Lady a Drink” cofounded by Matt Damon and many creative projects in Thailand including Hotel Art Fair Bangkok 2017 so keep your eyes to the streets and international Art galleries for Lisa Mam pushing her own version of Modern Khmer South East Asian arts and culture.







PEAP TARR Half Cambodian and Half New Zealand has been for many years evolving his art style into his own creation by combining his New Zealand Heritage and Cambodian Heritage to create a unique form of street art with his signature sinister yet tranquil works of art which has caught the attention of art lovers around the world and also gained respect from many of his art peers that has given Peap international recognition and lead to features in various international art magazines and galleries.Peap’s art exists in a world where lightness and darkness battle, yet coexist in the same breath to balance each other and contrast against each other.


Later in 2015 Peap & Lisa were invited to Paint, Participate and sell there art Works Through Digard Auction in Paris France thus placing their art onto the French Contemporary Art scene.