INSIANG by LINO BROCKA Philippines/1976/95 min

After a teenager is raped by her mother’s boyfriend, she sets out to exact revenge on anyone who has hurt her. A representation of urban poverty, the film explores themes of betrayal revenge and despair.


10 March (Sun) 10 : 00 AM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

11 March (Mon) 06 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

SONATA by PEQUE GALLAGA , LORE REYES Philippines/2013/110 min

A woman whose whole life is her art, but when she loses it she goes into a self-exile, only to be hopefully, reinvigorated by a young boy daruing to bring it all back.


10 March (Sun) 01 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

11 March (Mon) 08 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

DEADMA WALKING by JULIUS ALFONSO Philippines/2017/109 min

Deadma Walking is a Palanca-winning story about terminally-ill John and his race against death. He enlists the help of his Boyfriend Mark to stage the grandest, most fabulous, fake funeral EVER.


10 March (Sun) 01 : 00 PM @Major Cineplex (Aeon mall)

13 March (Wed) 03 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

I’M DRUNK, I LOVE YOU by JAIME HABAC JR Philippines/2017/112 min

Days before graduation, two college best friends go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other. But to put it upfront, this is not a love story.


10 March (Sun) 06 : 15 PM @Legend Cinema (City Mall)

12 March (Tue) 05 : 30 PM @Legend Cinema (Eden Mall)

THE DECAYING by SONNY CALVENTO Philippines/2017/94 min

When a Filipina woman goes missing, the residents of her small town try to pin murder on her American husband. Part thriller and part social critique, The Decaying asks if the rot is in the house, the marriage, the town or in Philippine society.


10 March (Sun) 04 : 30 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)

11 March (Mon) 03 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)


In Avenida, the lives of four men intertwine, searching for something. They all find what they are looking for in one woman named Aileen.


09 March (Sun) 12 : 15 PM @Legend Cinema (City Mall)

13 March (Wed) 04 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)

GINO AND MARIE by JOSELITO ALTAREJOS Philippines/2018/100 min

Gino and a young mother, Marie, are hired to do a film. During the shooting, they are forced to do things which have not been agreed upon. Feeling trapped and isolated, they are pushed to their limits, to the edge of their dignity. Jino to Marī is a morality tale set in an act judged by society as immoral.

10 March (Sun) 07 : 30 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)

11 March (Mon) 12 : 00 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)

SEASON OF THE DEVIL by LAV DIAZ Philippines/2018/234 min

An anti-musical musical, a rock opera, that delves into mythology. Screening of Lav Diaz Award winning film in the exceptional presence of lead actress  Shaina Magdayo.


13 March (Wed) 06 : 30 PM @Legend Cinema (Exchange Square)